Master of Library & Information Science

Kent State University, August 2022

Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering

The Ohio State University, May 2017


Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect - Associate

Issued Jan 2021 · Expires Feb 2024

Work Experience

Capital One

Software Engineer, Financial Services

 Angular / TS
 New Relic

August 2022 - Current

Software Engineer, Financial Services

 Angular / TS

August 2021 - August 2022

Software Engineer, Credit Risk Management


September 2019 - August 2021

Assoc. Software Engineer, Cybersecurity

 Angular / TS

September 2018 - September 2019

Assoc. Software Engineer, Financial Services

 Angular / TS

September 2017 - September 2018

Hyland, creator of OnBase

Intern, Healthcare Services

 Visual Basic

Summer 2015 - Spring 2016

Taazaa Inc.

Intern, Web Development & Community Manager


Summer 2014

Intern, Mobile Application Development


Summer 2013

Extracurricular Leadership

Wikimedia District of Columbia

Board Member (June 2018 – Present)

Wikimedia District of Columbia is a registered non-profit that serves as the regional outreach organization for Wikipedia and the other projects of the Wikimedia Foundation in the Wasahington D.C. area and beyond. After being named Volunteer of the Year for 2017 by the organization, I was invited to join the Board of Directors in 2018 and have served since.

WikiConference North America

Organizer / Steering Committee (2017 – Present)

WikiConference North America is an annual gathering of Wikimedians and movement allies from across North America, including Canada, the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. I first attended WikiConference North America 2016 in San Diego and was inspired by the in-person collaboration among Wikimedians from across the continent. Starting in 2017, I have helped organize this annual conference, eventually becoming a primary organizer and member of the steering committee. My responsibilities have included programming, sponsorship, branding, and maintaining the conference's website. The conference has grown over the years to attract over 300 participants annually, both in-person and virtual.

Wiki Loves Monuments in the United States

Organizer (2016 – Present)

Wiki Loves Monuments is an annual international photographic competition that invites the public to document and promote historic sites around the world by uploading photos to the Wikimedia Commons to be used on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. Since 2016, I have led the U.S. competition. Between 2016 and 2021, participants have uploaded over 46,000 photos of U.S. historic sites. Roughly 10% of these have found use on Wikipedia and other educational projects.

Ohio Wikimedians User Group

Founder and Organizer (July 2016 – Present)

In July 2016, I founded the Ohio Wikimedians User Group, serving as the official Wikimedia affiliate for the Ohio area. The goal of the group is to support and develop the Wikimedia movement and community in Ohio. The group's first project was co-organizing Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 in the United States, a national photography contest with the goal of cataloging historical monuments and sites. Since then, we have worked to keep our members informed of local events, as well as having supported several Art+Feminism edit-athons throughout the state. Future initiatives include collaborating with local libraries and historical societies to host edit-a-thons, and to provide further resources for individuals hosting their own Wikimedia events.

Wikipedia Connection

Founder and President (March 2015 – May 2017)

In 2015, I founded Wikipedia Connection as a student organization at the Ohio State University alongside several of my peers. We are dedicated to exploring and contributing to Wikipedia. Each semester, Wikipedia Connection hosts various events: workshops, edit-a-thons, outreach programs, photograph events, and more. We've successfully managed to educate students about Wikipedia, and have been able to engage students and staff to contribute themselves. Through doing all this, I've gained valuable experience in event organizing and team management, along with learning the best ways to engage different audiences.


Web Lead, Branding Lead, & Sponsor Coordinator (March 2015 – May 2017)

After attending OHI/O 2014, Ohio State's flagship hackathon, I was hooked and interested in organizing. I joined OHI/O in 2015 to help organize that year's event. In 2015, I served as co-lead on OHI/O's web and branding teams. Being part of the web team involved developing the hackathon's website and providing for internal tools for the team to use. Branding involved coming up with the visual identity and brand of both OHI/O and the event. The event went well, doubling in attendance compared to 2014! In 2016, I continued those roles as a lead, and have also started contributing to establishing company relations. Working with a fantastic and passionate goup of students and staff, OHI/O has provided a great opportunity for me to give back to the community and help foster a tech culture that I'm very passionate about.

Select Projects

Indie Wiki Buddy


Indie Wiki Buddy is a browser extension that helps users easily discover and support independent wikis they might otherwise miss in search results. When visiting a wiki on a large, corporate-run site, this extension will notify or automatically redirect users to quality independent wikis when they're available. Search results in Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo can also be filtered, replacing non-independent wikis with text inviting users to visit the independent counterpart. Indie Wiki Buddy also supports BreezeWiki, a service that renders Fandom wikis without ads or clutter.

View it!


View it! is a project in active development that helps surface freely licensed images from the Wikimedia Commons to readers and editors of other Wikimedia projects. The tool uses Wikimedia Commons's relatively new structured data labelling to query media relevant to the respective subject.

ACNH.Directory  GitHub

 Angular / TS

A filterable directory of websites and tools dedicated to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This site serves as the largest one-stop site to discover resources for the game. The website is open source, allowing anyone to submit additional resources.

Nookipedia API  GitHub


An open-source API that queries and returns structured data from Nookipedia, an Animal Crossing wiki. The API is used by hundreds of users and has been used to build Discord bots, game guide websites, and school projects.

Cite Unseen  GitHub


A JavaScript widget that embeds icons on Wikipedia citations to indicate the type and bias of source (e.g. state-run media, press release, opinion piece, or news). Most readers don't pay attention to sources as-is; this widget allows for readers to easily see the type of sources their information is coming from and explore further if necessary.

HackOHI/O 2016 Website  GitHub


HackOHI/O 2016 is Ohio State's largest hackathon scheduled for November 19-20. Serving as the follow up to last year's website (see OHI/O 2015 below), the site is built from the ground up and serves as a landing page and showcase for the event. The branding focus for the year was an emphasis on triangles. The Trianglify JS library is used to create a unique header each time, along with triangles making an appearance throughout the rest of HackOHI/O's 2016 branded content.

OHI/O 2015 Website  GitHub


As co-chair of web, I helped create and maintain the website of Ohio State's 2015 hackathon.
The homepage was spearheaded by fellow co-chair Matt Faluotico, while the live page was created and maintained by me


Wikimedia Hackathon 2022: District of Columbia Local Meetup — $4,100 from the Wikimedia Foundation

Wiki Loves Monuments 2021 in the United States — $1,905 from the Wikimedia Foundation

Wiki Loves Monuments 2020 in the United States — $1,905 from the Wikimedia Foundation

Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 in the United States — $995 from the Wikimedia Foundation

Wikipedia Asian Month 2018 — $2,000 from the Wikimedia Foundation

WikiConference North America 2018 — $44,000 from the Wikimedia Foundation

Wiki Loves Monuments 2018 in the United States — $1,960 from the Wikimedia Foundation

Wikipedia Asian Month 2018: Preparation — $1,310 from the Wikimedia Foundation

Wikipedia Asian Month 2017: South Asia Project — $1,850 from the Wikimedia Foundation

Wikipedia Asian Month 2017 — $2,000 from the Wikimedia Foundation

Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 in the United States — $915 from the Wikimedia Foundation

Wikipedia Connection Semester Funding for Workshops and Events (Spring 2017) — $1,170 from the Wikimedia Foundation

Ohio Wikimedians User Group Project Funding for Fall 2016 — $1,910 from the Wikimedia Foundation

Wikipedia Connection Semester Funding for Workshops and Events (Spring 2016) — $1,529 from the Wikimedia Foundation

Event Organization

Art+Feminism Turns 10: Symposium on Collective Action in Houston (April 15, 2023)

Worked with a great team to help celebrate Art+Feminism's 10th year with a symposium on Collective Action. I managed the Zoom for this hybrid event, as well as coordinated for the audio-video setup.

Get Wiki With It: An Introduction to Wikipedia Editing at Columbus Metropolitan Library (April 1, 2023)

Ohio State University's Center of Ethnic Studies partnered with the Columbus Metropolitan Library to host an introduction to Wikipedia editing. I presented an overview of Wikipedia, with a focus on Wikipedia's coverage of Columubus topics and opportunities to help improve it.

Ohio State Center of Ethnic Studies Wikipedia Edit-a-thon (March 31, 2023)

Ohio State University's Center of Ethnic Studies invited me to campus to present an introductory session on Wikipedia, including a tutorial on editing. After the introduction, participants were invited to contribute to Wikipedia to improve topics related to Asian American Studies, American Indian Studies, and Latinx Studies, as well as other articles pertaining to ethnicity. In just a few hours, participants drafted eight articles, and helped improve and expand several others.

WikiConference North America 2022 (October 11-13, 2022)

Attendance: 300 (Virtual) // Report

The virtual WikiConference North America 2022 was jointly held with Mapping USA. The theme was open knowledge allies, to recognize the bridging of the Wikimedia and OpenStreetMap communities at this conference.

WikiConference North America 2021 (October 8-10, 2021)

Attendance: 260+ (Virtual) // Report

WikiConference North America 2021 took place online for the second year in a row. The conference theme was Global & Local, and a highlight was providing multiple tracks of live translation between English and Spanish.

WikiConference North America 2020 (December 11-13, 2020)

Attendance: 100+ (Virtual)

With the COVID-19 pandemic, WikiConference North America 2020 was the conference's first venture into an all-virtual event.

WikiConference North America 2019 (November 8-11, 2019)

Attendance: 350+ // Report

With the COVID-19 pandemic, WikiConference North America 2020 was the conference's first venture into an all-virtual event.

WikiConference North America 2018 (October 18-21, 2018)

Attendance: 200+ // Report

2018's WikiConference North America was hosted by the Ohio State University Libraries. We also partnered with the Columbus Metropolitan Libraries and several other local cultural institutions for tours and collaborative work.

WikiConference North America 2017 (August 11-13, 2017)

Attendance: 200+

A continuation of WikiConference North America, this event took place in Montreal as part of Wikimania's pre-conference. We partnered with Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec and McGill to provide tours and collaborative events.

Art+Feminism Edit-a-thon 2017 (March 3, 2017)

Attendance: 34

Art+Feminism is a global event that brings together diverse communities to create and improve Wikipedia articles related to women in the arts. Wikipedia Connection hosted Ohio State's second Art+Feminism at Ohio State, hosting 34 students and faculty (up from last year's 15 participants). The even concluded with 11 new articles, 5 new drafts, and 28 articles improved through over 100 edits.

HackOHI/O 2016 (November 19-20, 2016)

Attendance: 750+

For Ohio State's premier 2016 hackathon, I lead the Branding and Web teams of the event, which included the design of the event's logo, website, and online resources. I was also active in sponsorship and company relations, helping raise over $10,000 through coorporate sponsorship.

WikiConference North America 2016 (October 7-10, 2016)

Attendance: 200+

Serving as a volunteer organizer for the annual conference of Wikimedia enthusiasts in North America, I primarily worked in communications and lead the conference's social media.

Art+Feminism Edit-a-thon 2016 (March 5, 2016)

Attendance: 15

Art+Feminism is a global event that brings together diverse communities to create and improve Wikipedia articles related to women in the arts. At Ohio State, Wikipedia Connection hosted a local edit-a-thon for Art+Feminism. The even concluded with 28 articles improved, and 6 more created.

OHI/O 2015 (November 14-15, 2015)

Attendance: 500+

In 2015, I joined OHI/O, the student organization behind Ohio's largest hackathon at Ohio State. I served as co-lead on OHI/O's web and branding teams, working to create the event's web presence, internal tools, and the hackathon's visual identity and brand.

Buckeye Edit-a-thon (September 8, 2016)

Attendance: 15

Hosting my first edit-a-thon (and the first edit-a-thon at Ohio State), this event brought together students and faculty to edit articles on Wikipedia related to Columbus and Ohio State. In the end, 67 edits were made to 19 articles, 2 of which were newly created.

Select Presentations

Intro to Wikipedia for ACS Cleveland Education Night (April 27, 2022) Webpage

Presented to the Cleveland chapter of the American Chemical Society, this presentation introduced how Wikipedia works and how to edit, with a focus on Wikimedia's use of machine learning as well as how to improve chemistry-related articles.

WikiCred Demo Hour @ Mozfest 2021 (March 12, 2021) Video

At MozFest 2021, I presented a short introduction to references on Wikipedia, followed by a demo of Cite Unseen, my user script that adds icon annotations to citations.

Wikipedia's Scope, Biases, Solutions, and Editing (February 9, 2017) Slidedeck

Presented to a INTSTDS 4850: Understanding the Global Information Society section at Ohio State, this presentation covered how Wikipedia operates on a global scale; what problems exist globally (such as accessibility and biases); some solutions to these problems; and a quick introduction to editing.

Wikipedia Editing + Sourcing (January 26, 2017)

In preparation for a WikiEdu course program for GEOG 3900: Global Climate Change: Causes and Consequences, I was invited into the class to present on editing basics, as well as how to identify reliable sources. Students learned how editors collaborate on Wikipedia, as well as several policy pages regarding sourcing.

Introduction to Wikidata (January 18, 2017) Slidedeck

Presented to CO-ASIS&T at the Columbus Metropolitan Library, this presentation served as an introduction to Wikidata, a free and open knowledge base. The presentation covered its basics, its usefulness, examples of queries, its future, and how contributions are made. More details are available on the event page.

Wikipedia Organizations on Campus: Case Study and Guide (October 8, 2016) Slidedeck

Representing Wikipedia Connection, a student organization at Ohio State, Maria Rimmel and I shared our experience with running Wikipedia Connection, and then generalized the experience to running Wikipedia student organizations at large. The ultimate goal of the presentation was to share the experiences of a rather unique organization, and provide some of the foundations of what running such an organization entails (especially when compared with other Wikimedia affiliates). More details are available on the event page.

Wikipedia in Your Next Project (November 17, 2016) Slidedeck

Presenting for Open Source Club while representing Wikipedia Connection and OHI/O, I presented on numberous ways to incorporate Wikipedia and its sister projects into student development projects. MediaWiki, its API, machine learning and botting, Wikidata, and more were all discussed. Wikimedia's Tool Labs, ClueBot NG, and other open source tools were also presented. More details are available on the event page.

Introduction to MediaWiki (February 12, 2015) Slidedeck

Presenting for Open Source Club, I presented an introduction to MediaWiki, the open-source software used to power thousands of wikis (including Wikipedia). Its development history, as well as a live demo of setting up an instantiation, were discussed. More details are available on the event page.